Without broadband access, the people of the 7th District are cut off from the larger economy. Everyone needs access in Northern Wisconsin.


A robust economy is built on the foundation of universal healthcare, affordable higher education, and roads, bridges, and broadband.


Supporting public education and student loan relief are crucial to launching the next generation into a successful adulthood.


Some of the joys of Northern Wisconsin are our clean lakes, clear streams, and vibrant forests.


Moving from carbon to renewables is the path to a more prosperous and secure future.

Government Reform:

To serve all Americans we must work towards bipartisan solutions. We live in communities, not political parties.


Universal healthcare is a right. We need to continue to make healthcare affordable for all. A medical crisis should not cause bankruptcy.

Roads and Bridges:

Wisconsin’s roads and bridges are aging and need repair. When we fail to invest in these community resources, local businesses are hurt.

Social Security:

Social Security is an earned right. Lifting our elders out of poverty was one of the great successes of the 20th century.


Tax reform should be based on fairness and strengthening our communities.